Must Have Gadgets For Sports Fans

Wearable technology is one that has become one of the most thriving industries of recent times with many wanting to cash in on some of the products that the market now has to offer for us consumers. The main catalyst for this movement was down to the surge in demand for sports fans to track their progress and enables them to bettering their sporting life; today we assess some of our favourites on the market right now.

The first wearable technology that we have trialled and have enjoyed using is something that can be brought into your everyday life also – a smartwatch and none other than the Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS Watch. This watch is the ultimate smart watch and ties in every aspect of fitness tracking to ensure you are getting everything out of your smart watch. It links with multiple sports, whether you be running, cycling or swimming, will track your heart rate all day and night which will enable you to track calories more accurately and now even can get smart notifications from phone such as texts and messages.

With large sporting events returning after an extended summer break due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 such as the Premier League, sports fans and punters have been able to get back on the betting markets, such as at Betting Sites Not on Gamstop, which have been offering new customers some of the best offers and bonuses online. They have seen the influx of numbers returning after the off season and have really used this to their advantage which is benefitting us punters.

Must Have Gadgets For Sports Fans 2

When in the fitness groove, it’s always good to be able to track your progress and see how you are getting on but sometimes this is difficult without the correct equipment – until now. The Bluetooth Smart Digital scales enable you to track all of your fitness gains from the comfort of your own home; weight, BMI, body fat, muscles mass and many many more. This enables you to put smart targets in place to be able to reach your specific goals, all for under £30.

The final bit of equipment that we could recommend for sports fans and with a slightly more professional feel to it would be the Apex Athlete Series GPS Sports Vest. These vests are used in the highest standard of sport to be able to track 16 key metrics such as max speed, total distance, heat mates and then be able to compare your results against team mates and other pros.