Make Sunday Night Football Better With Pizza Sandwiches for the Whole Party

It’s estimated that most people only tailgate before the big game to get to the food. Whether you serve BBQ, burgers or sandwiches, you won’t have much of a party without making sure everyone has enough to eat. If you’re staying home from the stadium, you still need a spread for your Sunday Night Football get together. The family can still enjoy an in-home tailgating party with pizza sandwich delivery. You might even get them to put their phones down and have a conversation over a great Papadia.

Make Sure to Get the Pizza Sandwiches Delivered

Delivery lunch is very popular for a daytime meal, but Papa John’s provides delivery all day on Sunday for football games in the afternoon or evening. With four different sandwich options, you’ll find something for every flavor profile:

  • Double Cheeseburger – a cheeseburger between a flatbread bun with pickles and a dipping sauce
  • Grilled Buffalo Chicken – a flatbread sandwich with spicy buffalo sauce, chicken and cheese, served with a ranch sauce for dipping
  • Italian Papadia – Italian sausage, salami, cheese, Alfredo sauce and banana peppers between flatbread, served with a pizza sauce for dipping
  • BBQ Chicken Bacon – a traditional BBQ favorite with slices of grilled chicken, onions, cheese and BBQ sauce to make it extra messy

Remember to Use Your Pizza Lunch Coupons

Papadias are part pizza and part sandwich that are wholly irresistible. If you love traditional pizza crust, you’ll love the updated flavor profiles of Papadias. Search “food delivery near me” to find your closest Papa John’s store to make your Sunday night party simple and easy. Make sure to check the app or the website for pizza specials to give your wallet a break. Order drinks and desserts with your Papadias for a spread that will rival any tailgating party.

Gear Up For the Playoff Season

As you get ready for the playoffs, practice ordering a Sunday night pizza party and earn rewards toward free pizzas for the Super Bowl party you’re planning. Papa John’s uses high quality ingredients to make some of the best pizzas in town. The vast menu gives you many options, even if you have guests who need special accommodations. Find a gluten-free pizza crust. Make your pizza vegan by ordering it without cheese. Enjoy a vegetarian pizza topped with a smorgasbord of vegetables that add a lot of flavor.

Papa John’s has a zero-contact delivery method for your safety. Order online or through the app. Pay with a credit or debit card, making sure to add a tip for the driver. When your order gets to your home, the driver will leave it close to your door and knock on your door before stepping back to allow you to open the door. You’ll know it hasn’t been opened because you’ll see the quality seal on the box. You get your pizza without ever having to make contact with the driver. It’s safe for you and for us.

Order pizza for lunch or dinner today to make you the hero of your team.