JD Healthcare Brings Healthcare into the Digital Era

Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, JD Internet Hospital has taken full benefit of its competencies, and it is constantly transforming amidst the pandemic to cater to customers and patient’s unending demands. On 26th January, JD Healthcare used its internet hospital to introduce a free online consultation platform for patients with fever, diarrhea, cough, and fatigue symptoms.

JD Health and Wellness is expanding its 24/7 free online consultation from 6th February to include all diseases; it will address the psychology and epidemic-related respiratory departments and pediatrics, cardiology, and endocrinology. The service will be accessible to every person across the country with internet access. With this, cases of cross-infection will be declined, and patients who cannot go to hospitals will get convenient and timely consultation services. The online consultation will also reduce the large number of patients who have to go to hospitals. Aside from JD Internet Hospital, Bestow life insurance also innovated its application process by employing a digital application system that expedites the process of applying for life insurance. Check out the link to read comprehensive Bestow life insurance reviews.

Medical Resources Imbalance

For over four years, people have struggled with constant and long-distance trips between Zhangzhou and Xiamen cities. For over six years, most patients with chronic diseases like Wu Yan with vitiligo, a chronic skin condition for over six years, noted that it costs her a large sum of money to get treatment despite living in a small village in Zhangzhou. Moreover, no nearby hospital was competent to treat her ailment.

After years of trying to get treatment, Wu Yan did not notice an improvement in her illness. Instead, she began experiencing more severe side effects like facial edema from consuming prescribed drugs by a local hospital. Some of Wu’s friends recommended certain drugs she should try, but she found it hard to purchase them locally.

Wu Yan’s case is not different from what other patients living outside china city go through. One of the most significant challenges facing China’s health system is the imbalanced medical resource supply. People living in China’s remote areas are in dire shortage of enhanced medical care.

There are three-tier classifications of China hospitals: tier-three entails hospitals with more than 500 beds. They offer quality healthcare, Tier 2 are medium-sized hospitals, and Tier 1 are township hospitals. Chinese people believe Tier 3 hospitals are the only hospitals that offer quality services. But the entire country has 1442 Tier 3 hospitals, and they are located in the big cities of China. As a result, people living in remote areas experience medical resource scarcity, and they are constantly complaining about their difficulties in acquiring enhanced medical treatment.

More Doctors Go Online

Internet hospitals that involve virtual consultation are a new way of handling medical problems. JD Healthcare is one of the primary companies taking full advantage of technology and e-commerce platforms. JD Health and Wellness has attracted more than 30000 doctors from 32 regions in China to be part of JD’s internet hospital to offer patients access to online professional consultation services. Sixty-two percent of doctors at JD’s internet hospitals are from Tier 3 hospitals. Patients who choose to get medical services online receive answers within three minutes.

Wu Yan is one of the patients who has profited from the online JD Health and wellness program. Wu has come across Dr. Xiaoyan Wang, a Beijing Tiantan Hospital dermatologist with JD’s internet hospital. Dr. Xiaoyan has served multiple patients online and has received more positive reviews. When Wu Yan uploaded her medical data to the JD Internet Hospital platform, Dr. Xiaoyan gave her a more suitable treatment than the previous one. Wu Yan’s condition has significantly improved, and her side effects have disappeared after receiving the treatment for one year.

Dr.Wang noted that he had served more than 3,000 patients while working at JD’s internet hospital for about two years. He notes that vitiligo is a chronic skin condition that is hard to cure but easy to diagnose. Wang is pleased to see Wu Yan’s condition improve after receiving treatment for a year and continue monitoring her medical progress. Wu Yan acknowledged Dr. Wang’s help for the past year and how he has listened to her and answered her concerns. She appreciates Dr. Wang’s professionalism in consultations and treatment.