Is your plank holding routine too long?

It’s almost certain that you were not able to hold planks for more than a couple of seconds on your first few tries. However, as you continued with planks in your routine, you started holding them for longer, which in itself is not a bad thing. However, unless you are planning to compete on a professional level for the longest plank holding duration title, you should focus on holding planks for shorter durations, especially if you aim to develop a stronger core.

In this post, we will take a quick look at the science of plank holding to help determine if your plank holding routine is longer than it should.

The oxymoron of plank holding 

Although holding planks can be helpful in enhancing your fitness level, if you do not perform this routine for the right duration, you may end up getting hurt. Reports indicate that plank holding is not vital to developing strong abs.

In simple terms, the longer the duration of your plank holding routine, the fewer benefits you may gain. This is what fitness coaches refer to as the paradox of plank holding. A conditioning and strength expert indicated that holding planks for too long causes your body to experience a bell curve of diminishing returns in terms of the time spent. This implies that your body will be gain less the longer your zest to hold a plank. However, you should know that the meaning of the term “long” varies, depending on the individual — it simply implies holding a plank until you run out of the strength to hold it for another second. Learn more about an alternative and less harmful way to develop stronger core from Steroidsfax.

You make your body susceptible to what is medically referred to as “central fatigue” when you hold planks for longer than you should. At this stage, your brain sends “stop” or “enough” signals to your muscles, instructing them to contract. When this occurs, your muscles will not be able to generate enough force for basic dynamic movements.

Why holding short planks is preferable 

One of the benefits of holding short planks while resting at intervals is that it gives your muscles the time they need to recover. The best part is that it helps keep your brain from sending the “stop” or “enough” signal to your muscles, allowing you to complete both simple and complex movements afterward. Hence, saving the strength you need to perform stronger core enhancing routines.

Holding short planks and resting at intervals can be categorized as functional training as it helps in strengthening the connection between the mind and your muscles.

The short plank hold hack 

When it comes to enjoying the best results of a workout session, you must learn to work smart rather than just working hard. Substituting performing every ab routine you know for faster sets of short planks is one way to train smart as it offers the same strength-building benefits as the others.

Short plank holding can last between 5 to 30 seconds. Perform this routine, take a break to help your brain and muscles recover, and perform the routine again.