Is Carson Wentz Still on the Trading Block?

When people think about dysfunctional franchises in the NFL, you usually have to go down a few spots before reaching the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately, the Philadelphia Eagles have been one of the most entertaining soap operas in the NFL during the past 12 months. This has to do with Carson Wentz, Doug Peterson, and the Philadelphia Eagles fans. Ultimately, Carson Wentz took a lot of heat this year for essentially pouting on the bench when Jalen Hurts took his starting job. It wasn’t as though Carson Wentz was benched unnecessarily. In reality, he was benched because he was playing like an absolute dumpster fire on the football field. Ultimately, he has an albatross of a contract, making him nearly impossible to trade. Therefore, the Eagles decided to fire Doug Peterson, putting all of their chips in the center of the table behind Carson Wentz. At the same time, this Carson Wentz still wants out of Philadelphia?

Carson Wentz Might Be Traded Anyway

At the end of the NFL season, it was clear that Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson were not going to work together anymore. Therefore, one of them had to go. Doug Peterson won a Superbowl for the city of Philadelphia. Carson Wentz was not the quarterback of that team. He spent that Super Bowl sitting on the bench recovering from a torn ACL, watching Nick Foles win a Super Bowl for the city of Philadelphia. That did not stop Philadelphia from giving Carson once a massive extension, making him possible to move given the horrific quality of his play. Therefore, the Eagles didn’t have a choice. They had to fire Doug Pederson and stick with Carson Wentz. Even though the Philadelphia Eagles have done everything that Carson Wentz has asked them to do, it appears that he still wants to leave Philadelphia. Having a massive impact on Brian Bitler picks, where is he going to go?

Could Carson Wentz End Up in Indianapolis?

One of the biggest questions that people have is whether Carson Wentz will end up in Indianapolis. At the time he tore his ACL, Carson Wentz was playing like an MVP. Unfortunately, he tore his ACL, sending his career in a completely different direction. Therefore, many people believe that it could be beneficial for Carson Wentz to partner with the mind that brought him so much success several years ago. That would mean going back to Indianapolis. Right now, Indianapolis is looking for a quarterback. Philip Rivers just retired. The asking price for Carson Wentz is probably not going to be all that high given how he has played and how terrible his contract is. The only question is whether the Eagles are willing to move him and whether the Indianapolis Colts want to get him. Regardless, Carson Wentz does not have as much power as he thinks right now. They already have his replacement rating in the wings. The only question is if Carson Wentz will cause enough trouble to get out of Philly.