How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

A zombie apocalypse. For some, it is a nightmare scenario that does not bear thinking about. There are some people though who have the type of mind to survive during a zombie apocalypse, whether that has come from years of preparation or through simply consuming the litany of zombie media that exists. While being a far-fetched scenario, some people might feel more comfortable knowing the steps to take if such an event did happen. This is because the reality is that the majority of people would die during the first few days of a zombie apocalypse, making preparedness key to survival.

The first thing that people will need to consider is their friends and family. In a zombie apocalypse, people who fall into these categories are risks. This is unfortunate as it is likely that there will be a great deal of love shared between people who fall into these groups, but the reality is that in a zombie apocalypse, emotion is a killer. There may be times where they will have to be left behind to survive and being able to make hard decisions such as these will be the difference between surviving and dying. So, if people do not have the strength to make these decisions, the best advice would be to stop reading as the time that they survive would not be lengthy at all.

For the first few days of the zombie apocalypse, there will be outright mayhem. In an effort to survive, there will be chaos at stores that provide essential supplies, such as supermarkets and pharmacies. These are best avoided as the risk outweighs the rewards when considering going to one of these places. These will be high traffic areas and will be perfect for the spread of whatever pathogen is causing people to become zombies. This is where preparedness comes into the equation. There should be a space in the house dedicated to the stockpile of essentials which include water, canned food, and medicine. These should last for about a month or two, after which point people can begin to scavenge as much of the initial mayhem would have passed.

There will also be a pressing need for weapons. Zombies have no emotion and will have no qualms about killing anyone they come across. Whilst most might think a gun would be great for such an event, in reality, such a loud noise will no doubt attract other zombies to a location. People are better suited to go for options like a sword or a crossbow.

Lastly, there is the mental aspect of a zombie apocalypse becoming reality. People will need to deal with the fact that many of their creature comforts will no longer be available to them. Playing video games and casino games online will be a thing of the past. This may be hard for some, though when looking you can find some more available today.

Although the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse happening is virtually zero, it never hurts to be prepared.