How to Stay Safe When Sports Betting Online

Thanks to the internet, there are certain activities we often do outside that can now do indoors, and one of which is sports betting. Through creating an account on a legitimate sports betting website, you don’t have to go to the betting store to give money and bet that your chosen team or player wins in your preferred sport, as you would only have to provide your credit card and use it to bet online. However, since money is involved in this activity, most people would be afraid of trying online sports betting since there have been numerous reports pertaining to identity theft or credit card hacking in websites with weak security. If you are planning on betting online, there are a few things that you need to know before entering your credit card number in your chosen betting website. Here are some safety tips when sports betting online.

Do Some Research

If you are trying to find a good betting website, it won’t hurt if you also do some research on what to look out for when spotting legitimate sports betting sites in Kenya and other countries. The best way for you to know if the website is real is by searching through forums and reviews about that specific site, and most of the answers you will find there may also include some pros and cons about the website they are reviewing. The forums would also state some of the best betting websites that they highly recommend others to visit, so you will be sure that the sites they mention are legitimate. However, beware of fake accounts that may say that a fake website is a great sports betting site, so before you follow the advice of these forums, make sure that the accounts recommending web pages are made by veteran betters.

Do Not Download Software

Whenever a website requires you to download a software program so that you can bet on a game, it is most likely not a legitimate sports betting website. Do not download anything that pops up on the website’s pages, as this could be malware that can hack through your computer’s operating system. Furthermore, the malware may have a feature that allows the hacker to view what you are doing while using the computer. It is recommended that you close the website immediately if it asks you to download software before making an account.

betting online using a laptop

Play at Licensed Websites

Once you’ve found reviews of several websites online, it’s time to find out if they are licensed. One thing to look for in licensed sports betting websites is the logo of a governing body that gives licenses to online casinos and sports betting establishments. The logo is often found at the bottom of the homepage, but if there is no logo, a text saying that they are licensed by a board can also be shown in the same location. The licensing board aims to regulate and monitor the movements of the website to ensure that there won’t be illegal actions or transactions within the company that controls the site.

Follow the Steps When Creating an Account

Now that you’re sure the chosen website is licensed, it’s time to create an account to start betting. Just follow the steps needed in order to create an account, and most of these involve simple tasks like inputting your name, email address, and preferred password. Before clicking on the “Create Account” button, it is best to read their terms and conditions first. Most people would often neglect reading that part and proceed to check the box located to its left, but it is important that you read it, as it contains the methods of how they keep the website secure as well as how they protect their customers from hackers. In addition, the letter would also indicate if they have convenience fees, so if you don’t want to be surprised if there are hidden transactions between your credit card and the website, you should read the terms and conditions.

Don’t Save Your Password on the Web Browser

If you have logged in your account successfully, the web browser will give you the option to save your password so that you won’t have to type it again if you log in again. While this feature may be convenient for you, it is incredibly dangerous if anyone uses your computer and web browser. If your computer gets stolen, the thief would have an easier time accessing your account, and in turn, would find out more about your personal information like your credit card number. For safety, it is advised that you turn off the “save password” feature and just memorize your password, but if you are sometimes forgetful, you can just write the password on a notebook and store it inside a safe, a locked cabinet, or any storage items in your house that only you are aware of.

Those are five safety tips that you can follow if you are looking for a good sports betting website. As long as you are fully aware of what you are seeing and typing on the websites you are browsing through, you will be safe against hackers and malware that may corrupt your computer.