How to Rock a Graphic Tee This Holiday Season

Graphic tees are an absolute staple in my wardrobe. It seems like anytime I am near a shop that sells any sort of graphic tee, there is always one that I must add to my collection. If you find yourself with an endless lineup of graphic tees like I do, you may get tired of wearing them all with the same pair of jeans. It’s time to branch out because there are an infinite number of ways to style your graphic tees that are stylish, trendy, and deviate from your usual affair. Here are some of the best ways to rock a graphic tee this holiday season.

1. The False Crop

Let’s start simple. You can change up the standard jeans and tee-shirt look by simulating a false crop with your tee. This is as easy as tucking in the bottom of the top under the base of your bra. This will create what appears to be a crop top without having to cut up your favorite tee. Throw on a pair of high-waisted jeans with this and you’ve suddenly enhanced your typical jeans and a tee look.

2. With a Blazer

If you are looking for a way to sneak your graphic tee into a more professional environment, we love pairing a tee with a chic blazer. This look is popular with celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian and has been seen all over Hollywood. Its popularity is warranted as this is a fun way to dress up parts of your cute and casual wardrobe. Tuck your tee into some skinny high waisted jeans and top it off with a slim or oversized fitting blazer of your choice. This look can be further dressed up or down by pairing it with a pair of sneakers or pumps. This look is super versatile so have fun tailoring it to your unique taste.

3. With a Power Suit

You can also take the blazer look a step further by wearing your tee under a power suit set. Adding in matching pants with your blazer will make you look office-ready for a stylish and comfortable work option. Once you leave work, swap out your heels for a pair of Converse for an ultra-trendy post-work drink look.

4. With a Skirt

If you are after a way to style your graphic tee for a softer look. A popular way to embrace your feminine side while rocking a tee is with a long flowy skirt. Women have been tucking in their tees to long floral skirts and pairing them with white sneakers. Add in an oversized jean jacket if you are in a colder environment and you’ve got a complete look.

We’ve also seen graphic tees tucked into high-waisted form-fitting skirts. If you have a short sequin skirt and a pair of heels, you have a great look for any New Year’s parties. Or a pencil skirt that cuts below the knee can be worn for a more upscale vibe.

5. Casual and Comfortable

So, we’ve talked about how to dress your tee up, but let’s go over some stylish ways to dress it down. A great way to do this is with some pleather leggings, ankle booties, and a coat that hits below the hips. Add in a beanie if the weather permits.

We also love seeing the false cropped tee look with a pair of high-waisted sweatpants for maximum comfort. If you live somewhere warmer, you can throw on a pair of biker shorts, high socks, and sneakers with an oversized tee to run out for a coffee or some errands. If you don’t yet have any oversized graphic tees in your wardrobe, check out these unique graphic tees for men. Don’t sleep on the men’s section ladies, you can find some of the best graphic tees there.

If you end up getting your hands on the perfect fitting oversized graphic tee, you can even wear it as a dress. We’ve seen many fashionable women rocking the tee shirt dress with thigh-high boots and an equally oversized jacket. Add in some tights and a cute hat to this look for when the weather gets cold.

So, there you have it. You’ve now got the tips and tricks for styling your closet full of graphic tees. And since you’ve been enlightened, you don’t have to feel bad the next time you see a graphic tee that you cannot live without. I mean, you’ve got infinite ways to wear them so justify away! Have fun looking fabulous and rocking your graphic tees this season!