How to Quickly Find Information about a Person on the Internet

Just before the late 2000s, people would often have a difficult time finding information about a certain person that they are looking for, which could be their loved ones that they haven’t seen in years or a potential business partner that they want to make sure is legitimate. Most people would usually consult the yellow pages to find what they are looking for, but unfortunately, these yellow pages don’t really have complete details on the information about a person.

Luckily, through the advancements in technology that enhanced the features of computers and the internet, yellow pages almost became obsolete since a quick search on a web browser is better at finding information. For those that aren’t familiar yet with how to find information about a person on the internet, we are here to give you a guide on how you do the task easily. Also included in this guide are some frequently asked questions about the process and the answers for them.

Quick search for information about a person by name and number

Searching for information about a person is relatively easy on the internet, as certain search engines like Google will already give you links that will indicate the name of the person that you are looking for. If you search for just the person’s name, the search engine will provide you with links on web pages where the person’s name is present. However, these links would often not have enough information that you want to know about the person you are searching for, which means that you would have to use a website that is dedicated to finding information about people.

If you are searching for one person by his or her phone number, search engines aren’t exactly suitable for the task, as they may just give you random links that would lead nowhere. However, if you are actually looking for that person’s phone number, then the search engine may provide you with information about it as long as the said person has posted his or her contact information on the internet. If there is no information about that person’s number, then the next thing that you should find is the person’s email address, which would often appear in social media profiles created by the person.

In what situations may you need an online person verification?

In cases where you have met people that would become your business partners, you would often have to make sure that they are actually using their real name with you. Using a false name may allow them to hide without any traces, thus leaving you without any information about them if ever you file a complaint or case after they scam you on a deal. This situation is where online person verification is needed, as the process will allow you to know if the people you’ve met with are actually using their real names.

An online person verification program is often needed to perform the task, although there are certain websites that will provide you with similar services without downloading anything. If ever you plan to meet business partners looking for a deal, it would be best to consult an online person verification service to know if your potential partners have integrity.

How to find someone for free on the internet?

LinkedIn pages would usually pop up as the first link on the search engine when you are looking for a specific person if ever he or she has a LinkedIn account. Some LinkedIn users would provide their phone number and home address on their profile so that employers or their co-workers will be able to contact them faster. However, there are also some users that don’t provide the said pieces of information for fear of privacy breaches. So, relying on LinkedIn may be a bad decision since the website is not actually built for finding information about people but for users to find a job online.

Social media pages would also often pop up on search engines if you search a person’s name. These social media websites are the best way for you to contact the person you are looking for, as they give you an opportunity to message that person and get into contact with them. There may be an instance that some people you are looking for may not have a social media account, but in today’s era, the number of people that don’t have social media is fairly low. As such, one of the great ways to look for a person on the internet is through social media.

What information can be found about a person?

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As previously stated, search engines and information search websites would usually provide you with not only the name of the person you are looking for but also their phone number, email address, and even home address if ever these pieces of information are posted publicly on the internet. There are specific websites that will provide you with private information about people, but that would often cost you a fee.

Benefits of Kiwisearches online service

One of the best websites that you can consult when finding information about a person online is Kiwisearches, which provides online background checks of people, which includes their social media accounts, contact information, and criminal records. The amazing feature Kiwisearches is that it would also allow you to search for a person via their phone number, a function on the website that is beneficial if you want to find a person that is texting or calling you with death threats or scams.

In addition, Kiwisearches also offers accurate contact information that is possible through their up-to-date database. The website also offers a free address search, phone number search, and people search, thus making it great for those that don’t want to spend money on contact tracing or information searching. Public records are also provided by Kiwisearches, and these records include crime reports about a specific person, as well as his or her arrest records. In addition, the public records also show the person’s work and education history, which is essential if you want to perform a background check on a specific employee or business partner.

Finding a person online is relatively easy, as there are numerous search engines and information search websites that you can use or visit to search for specific information about the person you are looking for. With just a working computer and a stable internet connection, you will be able to search for information about a person on the fly.