How To Effectively Clean A Sump Pump

If you live in a known flood area or simply live on low-lying land, near the sea, or are concerned about increasing amounts of extreme weather, you are likely to have invested in a sump pump.

The sump pump sits in a pit at the lowest point of your home. It should have an automatic turn-on function. Then, if water enters your home unexpectedly, it will head to the lowest point. As soon as the water level in the pit reaches a set level, the pump will activate and push the water out of the house via a pipe that ensures the water is unable to re-enter.

But, while the sump pump can sit for extended periods without use, you should never neglect it. If you do it is likely to fail when you need it the most. To ensure it is always ready for action you should clean it regularly and get a reputable plumber Sydney to inspect it at least once a year.

Cleaning your sump pump is surprisingly easy. Milbur Plumbing has expert plumbers always ready to address any plumbing issues and problems.

Disconnect The Pump

Sump pumps are designed to work in water. That means running them without water can damage them. To avoid accidentally doing this while cleaning the sump pump, turn off the power to the pump and make sure it is off.

Once it has been disconnected from the power you can remove the pump from the pit.

Add Vinegar

To help dislodge dirt and debris that build up in the pit, pour one gallon of vinegar into the pit. The dirt and debris can get caught in the pump and cause issues.

Leave the vinegar in the pit for fifteen minutes. By the end of fifteen minutes you will want to have five gallons of hot, but not boiling, water ready.

Pour this into the sump and stir briefly.

Cleaning Inside the Sump Pump

While the vinegar is doing its work you can clean the sump pump inside. This means pouring vinegar inside the sump pump to fill the chamber. It may be necessary to remove the head of the pump first to do this. You can check on your pump instructions on how to do this.

Leave the vinegar in the sump pump for fifteen minutes. You can now use a cloth and warm water. The water will flush the pump and the cloth can be used to scrub the inside and make sure that all traces of dirt and debris are removed.

When finished put the pump back together. Make sure everything is in the same place as before.

Put the Pump Back In

You can now put the sump pump back into the pit. Immediately reconnect the power supply and activate the auto function on your pump. It should spring into life and start pumping the vinegar and water mix out of the pit.

This cleans the pump and confirms it is still working properly. But, you’ll still want it serviced regularly to ensure the pump comes on when it needs to.