How to choose the right prescription swim goggles

If you are an avid swimmer, chances are good you have learned the importance of wearing goggles to make sure that you can keep track of where you’re going and protect your eyes from harmful chlorine and other chemicals in the pool.

If you require corrective lenses to see clearly on a day-to-day basis, you may want to consider investing in a pair of great goggles that feature the same lenses so that you can see just as clearly while you are exercising at your home’s or gym’s pool.

If you are curious about getting a pair of prescription swim goggles, here are several important things to keep in mind.

The lens

Of course, the most important aspect of a pair of goggles is the lens and that is especially true if you are trying to get a pair of prescription swim goggles, as those lenses will have to be specifically curtailed to your vision needs. These prescription lenses come with ready-made spherical lenses that are of varying strength which are known as diopters or step diopters.

The type of lens production is quite similar to glasses and the prescription will be a close fit to your normal prescription. It is important to keep in mind that it may not be exactly as precise, but it will be close. For that reason, if things are not 100 percent clear while using your prescription swimming goggles that does not mean that you have the wrong kind.

The reason why this is true is because for use underwater, which is already a fairly blurry area, step diopter prescription glasses are perfectly adequate.

How to choose diopter strength

If you are interested in getting prescription swim goggles, you will want to make sure that you get the right diopter strength. The goal here is to get a preset strength that matches your more precise prescription for day-to-day glasses. The easiest way to do that is as follows:

  • Get your most current prescription numbers
  • Calculate the strengths of the diopter you need using this formula
  • ½ of the cylinder + sphere + ideal diopter strength

From here, you can feel very confident that you will be able to see much more clearly underwater!

Strap and size

The final thing to keep in mind when choosing your goggles is the type of strap and size of the goggles. Make sure that the goggles will fit comfortably on your head underwater as that is the most important place for them to fit snugly, of course. On top of that, you will want to make sure that the size of the goggle’s eyepieces comfortably fits your face so that you can create an airtight seal between your face and the goggles.


After you’ve taken care of all this, the final step that you have to take is to simply hop into the pool and swim with a better vision that you’ve ever enjoyed in the past!