Home Maintenance? Make Sure You Get Your Priorities Right!

In over 30 years of experience in the Electrical contracting industry, I have made the following stark observation.

People seem to get their priorities wrong when spending their “hard-earned” cash on home improvement or maintenance.

They seem to deal with the visual rather than the practical. What I mean by this is that people, on countless occasions, have made aesthetics their priority over practicality and safety.

A typical and common example is the newly wedded couple who want their newly purchased, old home to look great, so they get a painter and decorator in and start a painting project without any thought of what lies beneath the surface of their walls and ceilings.

They may need a total or partial rewire, this is by far more important than the paint job itself.

Then again the wiring might be in relatively good order, and they can go ahead and paint. It is wise to call in your electrician to check this; it’s better to be safe than sorry. But aside from your home’s wiring, you also need to always include checking the status of your roof as part of the regular home maintenance routine. Check out some of the most important roof maintenance tips coming from the experts that will surely extend the life of your roof.

Wiring is more important than anything else

Conversely, the freshly rewired home looks almost no different to what it looked like before the rewire, perhaps new power points and switches can be noticed and maybe a new switchboard, which is usually out of sight and out of mind too. So where has all the money gone? It’s definitely not as visible as a beautiful paint job.

Another thought before painting your home or office is that perhaps you may need a few more lights a new switch or some new power points, all of this should be considered and installed before you paint or begin to prepare your walls and ceilings for painting.

Please do not think that I am overlooking the importance of Painting your home. A new colour is refreshing and soothes the soul. It is uplifting, inspiring and demonstrates your fine choice in style and colour many times over it makes a statement about you. The house looks and feels great, it feels new again, and the freshly painted home will sell for a better price than the home in dire need of a paint job.

Its also very important to pick the right residential painter when refreshing your home’s interior.

Keep in mind the childproofing equipment

If you have new wiring to your home with multiple safety switches/combination circuit breakers you are making your home a lot safer for the “end-user” that’s you or your loved ones, furthermore you are preventing a possible fire or even worse injury or loss of life.

Well, keeping your kids in a well-secured area at home is no way possible. But you can use a few childproofing pieces of equipment that are easily available in the market for your home’s safety. Few notable childproofing equipment include:

  • Stove knob covers

  • Switchboard guards and covers

  • Corner cushions.

  • Angle locks for cabinets and drawers.

  • Door stoppers

  • Video monitoring system to monitor your baby’s activities when you are busy in the kitchen.

  • Slip-proof bathing mats and flooring mats.

  • Door locks

  • Cabinet locks and Toilet locks

Call your electrician today and tell her that you are thinking of painting and could she just come and see if there is any reason not to paint straight away. Your electrician might be a male like me, and of course, there is nothing wrong with that.