Everything to Know About The Japanese Pokemon Cards

Pokemon is a franchise of Japanese heritage that has been around for almost 25 years. Pokemon cards however are collectibles used to play the Pokemon trading card game. These cards over time hold value and can be sold online. The value depends on its rarity and when they were released. Here is everything you need to know about your Pokemon card.

Common, Uncommon, and Rare

To determine the type of card you are holding depends on the symbol on the bottom right corner of the card. Common cards are marked with a black circle while uncommon cards are marked with a black diamond. Rare cards however are marked with a black star. Check The Pokemon Trainer for your pokemon.

Holo Rare

This is a type of rare card that has a holo picture that shines and glistens. Only a small number of rare cards in a set is holo.

Reverse Holo

A reverse holo card is a special card that has holo glitter on every part of the card except on the picture. Any card can be a reverse holo and it makes some cards more expensive than others.

EX/GX/V Half Art/Half body

They are usually very hard to find. They are mostly the biggest creatures in the game. They are sometimes categorized as ultra-rare and come with a unique mechanic that is special to the current rotation.

Full Art/Full Body

This is a different type of EX/GX card. As the name depicts, the picture of your Pokemon is drawn to take over the entire card which makes it hard to read information about the card sometimes.

Secret Rare

A secret rare card can be identified by looking at the collector number at the bottom left of the card. This number shows the number of the card in the deck. But a secret card will have a collector number higher than the total number of cards. For example, if the number reads “70/65”, then it is a secret rare. They are the most expensive cards to buy.

Rainbow Rare

These cards are very expensive and sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars. They were introduced in the Sun and Moon series. The cards are very hard to get. They are not usually very good-looking but anyone with this card can make a lot of money from it.

Promo Cards

Promo cards are cards that can only be found at events. They can be identified by the big black star with a promo written on it on the right side of the card just after the picture.

Tag Team and VMAX Cards

Tag team cards are on a different level of their own. They are the best and hardest to find. VMAX on the other hand is like an evolution card used to give Pokemons new moves, abilities, and health.

Diving into the Pokemon universe is a very fun hobby. You can also make money from collecting these cards. There is a huge demand for them online on eBay. Once you know how to identify your cards, valuing them will be easy. Keeping your card safe and new is also very important.