Entertaining yourself in times of trouble

When finding yourself in a difficult situation, you need to gather all the resources you can find and make the most use of them. Electricity especially can be a luxury hard to come by. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do without it, even when it comes to just having fun.

One of the most crucial rules about survival is to stay on the positive side, however odd it may sound. To be able to succeed, you need to keep going. And it’s hard to do that when you have no willpower and lost all hope. When your mind goes blank, the rest of the body will inevitably follow. It is obvious then that there’s a great need to keep your head in the game and occupy yourself with something.

Naturally, there’s plenty of things you could or have to do to increase your fighting chance. The remaining time, however, can be used for despair or amusement. Having fun may be the last thing you would think about, but it definitely can help.

Of course, there’s no way of knowing what would you have at your disposal at the time of need but, for the sake of argument, there are several exciting activities to do without plugging in. The first that comes to mind is reading. For many of us, there’s no need for a power outage to happen to enjoy a good book. In harder times, we could be reading to calm down and untangle confusing thoughts, focus on the goal, and push the brain to intensive work. Even without the story written down in the form of a book, you could be writing or imaging your own – just to make it through another day.

Another clear idea to kill a couple of hours and have some fun is to play games. We have been doing that long before electricity was invented. Among some of the classic propositions that don’t require power are all kinds of card games. Some of them, like poker and bridge, have numerous fans around the world that often argue about which one is better. A deck of cards should be relatively easy to acquire or even to make when supplies are limited. With it, you can play many variations of games, or even make one up for yourself. The same goes for other games that you can invent, which could be based on many concepts such as role-playing, make-believe, exercising and physical activity, arts and crafts, writing, music and so on.