Design Ideas For Your Kitchen Splashback

New coloured acrylic splashbacks are fantastic for refreshing your kitchen and providing it with a fresh new appearance and feel, whether you’re remodelling the entire space or simply making some small modifications. This guide will take you through some useful design tips that help kitchen splashbacks to stand out in all their glory. Whether you prefer bold colours or muted tones, this guide will help you to get the look you want, no matter what.

Kitchen Splashback Colours

The kitchen triangle idea has been around for decades, and it works by putting the sink, fridge, and cooker on three points of a triangle. Because you’ll use each of these appliances frequently while cooking, it’s critical that they are positioned in such a manner that one may move to each.

If you want a clean and consistent design in your kitchen, choose colours that are close to those on your worktops and cabinets. Splashbacks provide coherence to a design by choosing the right splashback hue.

If you’re searching for a more dynamic approach to add interest to your space, consider utilising patterned tiles or contrasting colours.

Kitchen splashback materials

A splashback should be attractive while also being practical. It’s there to protect your kitchen walls and workstation, as well as match the design, therefore it must be durable, waterproof, non-flammable, and simple to maintain. Here are some of the most common materials used in kitchen splashbacks.

Rhino Glass

Rhino Glass is a popular alternative for kitchens, and it comes in a variety of colors, making it suitable for nearly any design. The result is a unique and eye-catching toaster. Its appearance has a smooth and sleek appeal, which will look great with modern designs, particularly those that don’t have handles. Rhino Glass is a highly fashionable kitchen splashback material because it has no crevices or joints where dirt or water might accumulate, making it simple to keep clean and sanitary.


Tiles have long been the preferred choice for a variety of homeowners since they offer a lovely and long-lasting appearance. They come in a wide range of styles and finishes, from sleek modern designs to patterned choices that will really add some flare to your kitchen.

Patterned style splashback

Make a patterned tile splashback into a fashion statement. A contrasting pattern, if used in the kitchen, may really bring the space to life. A single or two rows of tiles is sufficient – any more, and the design may appear too overwhelming.

To keep the design at the forefront, worktops should be clutter-free. Utensils, on the other hand, would look amazing following the same colour scheme.

To Summarise

No matter your personality or kitchen style, there will always be a splashback design to suit your needs. With so many colours and patterns to choose from, your splashback will soon become a standout feature in the kitchen (for all the right reasons). We hope this guide has helped to bring your visions to life – while protecting walls at the same time!