Feminine Hygiene While in Survival Mode

Halves of pads and tampons on pin

As a woman, when you are trying to figure out how to be an adult, continual questions pop into your head about hygiene on the menstrual cycle. From what to do if your tampons and pads run out to options if you can no longer afford them: many wonder if there is … Read more

Best Crops to Grow in a Survival Garden

A small survival barn with multiple crops grown. 

Survival gardens aren’t just a fun project to do but they have also emerged as a necessity of the time. With resources depleting and the prices of everyday fruits and vegetables sky-rocketing, it has become quite difficult for many people to manage their expenses. However, not all survival gardens are planned efficiently … Read more

Tips on Rotating Water Storage

Storing water for emergency purposes is important but managing it well is more

In case of an emergency, the local water supplies could be affected which means that you would have to rely on your own services. In extreme situations such as the one which incurred in Texas during the cold times or in places where Earthquakes damage the water lines, these emergencies can be … Read more

What Is a Survival Garden?

The best harvest is your own harvest

With the economic situation deteriorating in the long run and the world having depleted resources, it would be too difficult for many of us to survive by 2050. In addition to that, the damaging effects of air pollution are seen with damages to the ozone layer. Too much air traffic and factories … Read more

Surviving Anarchy

how to survive anarchy, SHTF survival

When things change in a disaster or due to unrest, knowing what to do can be difficult. Dealing with governmental change can be overwhelming, especially if law enforcement, fire departments, and medical assistance are also overwhelmed. This is very likely to happen in a case of anarchy. Knowing how to survive anarchy … Read more

Emergency Kits for Urban Survival

Emergency Kits for Urban Survival

No matter where a person lives, there is always a possibility of a catastrophe or disaster which can result in the need to evacuate or hunker down for an extended time. During this sort of situation, it can be necessary to have items available that might not be needed in everyday life, … Read more

The Most Convenient Cameras to Take Camping

The Most Convenient Cameras to Take Camping

The age-old mantra that a great photograph is about the person standing next to the camera and not the camera itself has always been true. Whether you take retro large format film cameras or modern mirrorless cameras, the chances of capturing a banger image increase exponentially when you’ve got what it takes … Read more

Barterable Things for Your Backpack

Barterable Things for Your Backpack

If the economy collapses, society goes cashless, or something happens to make cash transactions impossible or undesirable, barter will be the way to obtain desired items. Barter involves offering goods or services in exchange for other goods or services. While it can take more than one barter to get to the desired … Read more

Trash That Can Be Treasure

Trash That Can Be Treasure

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This adage has long been known to be a truth, which is why thrift stores and dumpster divers exist. This may be even more true in survival situations. Things that can be helpful to live and even thrive can often be found in others’ discards … Read more

Tips for Preparing for a Viral Outbreak

woman wearing a face mask/ virus logos

Being prepared is one of the keys to surviving. This applies to whether there’ll be a natural calamity, an emergency, or an epidemic. When talking about health, we can say that viruses love people. Why? Because each year, people are being infected with respiratory diseases like flu and the common cold. Once … Read more