Tips on Keeping Your Prepper Pantry Updated

You can store items in jars to be placed in your prepper pantry

Emergencies could come without knocking on your door and you will be struck with a surprise. It is always better to prepare for these emergencies before they occur so that you can easily survive unless help reaches you. With emergency kits as well as a prepper pantry, emergencies become easier to handle. … Read more

Tips on Rotating Water Storage

Storing water for emergency purposes is important but managing it well is more

In case of an emergency, the local water supplies could be affected which means that you would have to rely on your own services. In extreme situations such as the one which incurred in Texas during the cold times or in places where Earthquakes damage the water lines, these emergencies can be … Read more

What Is a Survival Garden?

The best harvest is your own harvest

With the economic situation deteriorating in the long run and the world having depleted resources, it would be too difficult for many of us to survive by 2050. In addition to that, the damaging effects of air pollution are seen with damages to the ozone layer. Too much air traffic and factories … Read more

Surviving Anarchy

how to survive anarchy, SHTF survival

When things change in a disaster or due to unrest, knowing what to do can be difficult. Dealing with governmental change can be overwhelming, especially if law enforcement, fire departments, and medical assistance are also overwhelmed. This is very likely to happen in a case of anarchy. Knowing how to survive anarchy … Read more

Survival Gear for Warmth

Survival Gear for Warmth

If a catastrophe happens during the winter months, keeping warm can become a difficult situation. Having appropriate survival gear available for each person in the household can be crucial to surviving over a cold night in a house and being able to keep warm without a campfire could be crucial to surviving … Read more

Organizing Survival Gear


Gathering up gear and supplies in case of a disaster is wise, but if the items cannot be found when needed, all the preparation in the world is less than helpful. Therefore, organizing emergency supplies is just as important as collecting them.  The best reason to organize emergency supplies and equipment is … Read more

Emergency Kits for Urban Survival

Emergency Kits for Urban Survival

No matter where a person lives, there is always a possibility of a catastrophe or disaster which can result in the need to evacuate or hunker down for an extended time. During this sort of situation, it can be necessary to have items available that might not be needed in everyday life, … Read more

Chainsaw Maintenance

Chainsaw Maintenance

Keeping a chainsaw running smoothly can be imperative if a situation arises where one’s only heat is wood, or if a tree falls on one’s property. Chainsaws are useful for trimming branches, cutting firewood, and even artistic pursuits. Knowing what to do to promote the best use of a chainsaw without having … Read more

Inexpensive Night Vision Helmets


While binoculars and monoculars for night vision are a great way to see things that might otherwise be hidden in the dark, it can be awkward to try to carry them while still also targeting wildlife (with a gun or a camera) or doing other things that require at least one hand. … Read more

Helmet Night Vision Mounts

Helmet Night Vision Mounts

Visibility can make the difference between surviving and thriving – or between surviving or dying, in some situations. Since survival in a disaster situation may also require having both hands available for climbing, defense, or other things, having helmet mounted night vision may be the best solution for most people. It is … Read more