What type of navigation tools should you have for SHTF?

Compass as an essential Navigation Tool

In the face of disasters and emergencies, the distinction lies in their impact on the landscape, with emergencies leaving it unchanged while disasters have the potential to completely transform everything we know. Countless factors such as floods, riots, terrorist attacks, or nuclear war can reshape our country and significantly affect navigation.  To … Read more

What is the best kind of clothing to have for SHTF?

Survival Clothing

In a scenario where disaster strikes and the world as we know it changes drastically, being prepared with the right clothing becomes essential. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a pandemic, or any other SHTF (S**t Hits The Fan) situation, the clothes we wear can greatly impact our survival and overall well-being.  Ill-fitting, … Read more

What are the Different Types of Night Vision Devices?

an early development version of night vision goggles

Optical tools called night vision devices (NVDs) allow users to see in dim light or complete darkness. There are various kinds of night vision equipment on the market, each with its special characteristics and capabilities, but they may all enable you to view some of the beauty just like Barbados at night. Image intensifier devices … Read more

SHTF Gear You Can Barter If Necessary

canned soup

Money is considered one of the most important items for people around the world, but when society or the economy collapses due to a global pandemic or an apocalyptic event, there is a very high chance that money will lose its value, as people would now care more about basic necessities than … Read more

What to Look for In a Tactical Helmet with Night Vision

tactical helmet with goggles

Night vision goggles are very useful for various tasks or purposes. These goggles are not only seen on soldiers but also on fishermen, hikers, miners, and other types of workers that would usually work at night. As the name of the gadget already suggests, the night vision goggles allow the user to … Read more

Can You Use Any Helmet for a Night Vision Helmet?

Night vision goggles on military helmet, closeup detail to blue reflective lenses

You may be a hunting enthusiast for quite a while, but you may also be a first-timer when it comes to night vision devices. For those who like to go out in the woods or somewhere else at night, they often bring night vision devices to help them see better in dark … Read more

Having the Right Urban SHTF Gear Can Save Your Life

Hand completing Emergency Preparation List by Equipment

Like many other things, living in a city has pros and cons. But it seems that nowadays that the cons outweigh the pros – the high cost of living, the lack of spaces to live, pollution, contamination, noise, and crime.  Not the mention that living in the city leaves you more at … Read more

Tips for Using Tactical Pens for Self-Defense

tactical pen

Even though the name may make it sound fake and all gimmicks, tactical pens are essential tools that professionals use in several disciplines. It is a multi-tool that you can use to stab or strike for self-defense. That is why no matter what situation you’re in, having a tactical pen with you … Read more