Understanding the Technology Generations of Night Vision Goggles

Generations of Night Vision Goggles

You’ve already seen it in video games and Hollywood flicks those grainy green screens of night vision on the lead character who looks like a futuristic cyborg with goggles attached to his head. The reality is night vision goggles are accessible to just about everyone today whether it be for hunting, working at night, disaster … Read more

Top 8 Flashlight Brands

JETBeam JET 3M PRO LED Flashlight

A high-quality flashlight isn’t just made to illuminate dark areas, but it can also be used for survival and emergency situations. You can use ultra-bright flashlights with high lumens to disorient an attacker, etc. For instance, if you are a prepper, you should opt for a sturdy tactical flashlight that can withstand impacts and has … Read more

Best AA Battery Tactical Flashlights

Best AA Battery Tactical Flashlights

If you want an electronic companion that can light up a dark area when there is no grid power supply, then relying on a tactical flashlight is a great option. Tactical flashlights give you that extra strength and performance which ordinary flashlights simply can’t. Every household should have a good tactical flashlight with a convenient … Read more

Top Tactical Super Bright Rechargeable LED Flashlights

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 [2 PACK]

A tactical flashlight is a great tool that you do not know you need until it is too late. If you start keeping a flashlight, you will be surprised to know how helpful it can be. From finding valuable things in the dark to assisting in self-defense, a tactical flashlight is a super great tool … Read more

How to Store Batteries to Help Them Last

How to Store Batteries

Introduction It’s common knowledge that batteries should be stored in cool and dry places, but how do we store different types of batteries for a long period of time? Most batteries should be stored at around room temperature or preferably 15°C/59°F, while extreme allowable temperature ranges from –40°C/-40°F to 50°C /122°F. Batteries with different chemical … Read more

Guide to Night Vision Binoculars

Guide to Night Vision Binoculars

Vision is a physical sense which uses light to provide information to the brain so that it can make conclusions about the surroundings. Scientists have compared human eyes to cameras. A camera filters light through the lens controls the intensity with an aperture and focuses the image. While the light coming into an eye is … Read more

Best Solar Power Sources for Preppers, Disaster Planning and Camping

Alternative power sources are an essential part of any doomsday prepper’s inventory and very useful when the power grid is down. Solar powered gadgets offer better portability and help prepare for emergency situations. While such gadgets might not be the least expensive option due to extra circuitry and solar cells, they are lightweight, highly portable … Read more