Top Food Items to Consider for Urban Prepping and Survival

Canned food in the grocery aisles

We all need to be prepared with whatever may come our way. Though we all know that we should be ready for these types of situations, we don’t often think about the logistics until we really need to. Now that we’re stuck at home due to coronavirus, urban prepping becomes more relevant … Read more

Home Cooking Tips during a Power Outage

When you heard through the news that a storm is coming, you have to get prepared or a power outage. Well, you’ll never know for sure when will power be out as natural disasters may come unexpectedly, but if there are reports, it doesn’t hurt to get well-prepared. Before you brave the … Read more

8 Ways for Making Water Potable

water from fountain falling on a hand

Water is an essential element for life – there is no life without it. One of the major consequences in our nation’s deficient and increasingly failing infrastructure is the threat of water delivery problems, which is increasing every second. It is estimated that about 1.7 trillion gallons of water is wasted (leaked) … Read more

Guide to How Much Food to Store for a Major Disaster

Destruction caused by hurricane Charley in 2004

Disasters like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and major earthquakes could leave you trapped inside your home without electricity for several days. The most important thing to consider in such situations is your and your family’s safety. If you are in your house, you will need emergency supplies, including food and water. NOTE:  Always … Read more

How to Make a Small Water Filtration Plant

Survivor Filter  Virus Tested 0 05 Micron Portable Water Filter for Camping Emergency and Hiking

When you find yourself stuck in an emergency situation, water becomes one of your top priorities. Humans can only survive 3 days without water on average. However, finding water isn’t the issue. There are swamps, lakes, oceans, streams, rivers, and ponds all around the world. The challenging part is locating water that’s … Read more

Emergency Drinking Water Storage

WaterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage

About 71 percent of the earth-surface is covered with water, without it, there would be no civilizations, animals or any living thing but an inorganic alien landscape of dirt and stones. For preppers and disaster planning, it is really important to consider water as an essential supply in case of emergencies. A … Read more