Natural Ways to Treat a Cough

Natural Ways to Treat a Cough

Coughing is a natural reaction to irritants and infections but that does not keep it from being annoying. Treating a cough is best done by treating the root cause, but sometimes that takes time and treating the symptom itself can be necessary and helpful. When possible, the best plan is prevention. Staying away from people … Read more

Reasons to Learn First Aid during an Emergency

A person performing CPR on a dummy

Emergencies like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or civil disorders can cause a lot – both in terms of structural damage and loss of lives. One must know how to provide proper first aid during such an emergency when someone is in immediate need for it. Knowledge of basic first aid can be the difference between life … Read more

Natural Remedies for First Aid Needs

A first aid case consisting of medicines and bandages

When we say first aid, everyone might think about the first aid kits in their homes that include pain killers, bandages for minor cuts and wounds, etc. But are these enough for all types of emergencies like a bee stings, shortness of breath, scrapes, and burns? Isn’t it necessary that we all should learn how … Read more