Can You Really Go Hunting With Just Your Pistol

Hunting is a popular sport in America, but not everyone uses the same weapon to take down their game. There are many different weapons that can be used when hunting–bows, rifles, spears, machetes, etc.–but there is one method of hunting with specific types of firearms that continues to gain momentum despite its antiquated nature: using pistols for hunting.

Hunting is a sport enjoyed by both men and women from all walks of life. Although most people use traditional weapons like rifles or bows when they go out into the wilderness looking for prey, there are some people who seek bigger challenges than what these conventional weapons offer. That’s why some hunters opt to use pistols instead of rifles or bows when engaging in this popular pastime.

“I like using pistols because it’s simple and it doesn’t require as much effort as using a rifle does,” says Lance Willard, an avid handgun hunter. “Using rifles is really tiring after you’ve done it for so long.” He added that he likes to use handguns simply because they are easier to carry than rifles and he can also bring them inside his home without feeling too conspicuous.

Lance Willard, who has hiked all over Arizona with nothing but his trusty 9mm Glock in search of prey, isn’t the only person who thinks this way; there are many different people out there who go hunting with nothing more than their simple pistol-and these hunters aren’t your average everyday people. But things will go differently if these people got the best glock threaded barrel installed in their pistols. For many hunters, it takes a certain kind of person to use pistols on hunting trips, since they are nothing like the weapons most outdoorsmen are used to using.

“Carrying one of these guns isn’t for everyone,” says Willard of his handgun. “You have to be mentally strong too if you really want to go through with this.” He added that he thinks there is more responsibility involved when carrying handguns rather than rifles or bows, which give no guarantee that their prey will die instantly. With handguns, however, the hunter has more control over whether or not his target dies right away–which can be difficult for some people who aren’t used to it.

There are also other concerns that come along with using handguns while hunting, such as carrying extra magazines and keeping track of your shots so you don’t accidentally shoot other people in the woods who are out hunting themselves. There are many intricacies involved with pistol hunting that hunters have to consider before embarking on their next trip, which is why only specific types of people should partake in this sport.

For anyone who wants to try pistol hunting for themselves, knowing what kind of weapon they will use beforehand is important. Single shot pistols like revolvers were popular weapons among hunters ages ago because all you had to do was load one bullet at a time; however, most handgun hunters today prefer semi-automatic firearms because they shoot faster without having to carry around extra clips or shells. Semi-automatic handguns are also more modern than revolver pistols, so if you are looking for a weapon that is more advanced than what your grandpa used, then semi-automatics are the way to go.

One way to sup up your pistol for hunting is installing aftermarket accessories. Hogue Handall grips are perfect for any handgun owner who is looking to upgrade their pistol by adding a better grip that won’t slip out of your hands during the hunting process. These rubberized grips come in many shapes and sizes, so finding one that fits your hand or pistol will never be an issue. Laser sights are also a great way to increase your accuracy when hunting because they allow you to shoot faster without having to focus on lining up your gun’s sights with the target. Lastly, you can consider installing an extended barrel on your handgun for even better accuracy at long distances.¬†CAA Gear Up¬†offers 16-inch extended barrels for Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock 19s.

Although pistol hunting might not be as popular as other types of hunting, it is still gaining momentum among hunters who want to try something different–and there’s nothing wrong with that. Pistol hunting isn’t for everyone; in fact, most people would probably disagree with how effective this type of hunting can actually be. Some experts say that using handguns instead of rifles or bows isn’t even proper hunting etiquette since they don’t guarantee instant death like these conventional weapons do. However, pistol hunters don’t seem to mind taking the time to properly line up their shot and make sure that they have a clean kill before moving on. Pistol hunting isn’t the most convenient way of going out into the wilderness to hunt, but as more people try it, they will discover why some hunters prefer using handguns over rifles or bows for their next trip.