Can Water Damage Cowboy Boots?

A pair of cowboy boots is essential these days. Most cowboy boots are of leather or suede. Water quickly seeps through these materials and breaks away the layers. It causes it to peel and crack. It has the potential to destroy the material, so be cautious while purchasing and handling it.

Variations of Cowboy Boots:

There are types of cowboy boots that you need to keep in mind before making a purchase. Spend your money keeping in mind whether you need them for harsh working or just general footwear. 

cowboy boots.

1. Waterproof:

Waterproof cowboy boots are uncommon. They are pricey because of the higher quality of leather or other materials used to make the shoes. These are a bang for your buck if you constantly work around lots of water, snow, or wetlands. Boots are unaffected by how deep your feet are submerged. Because of their waterproof nature, these are difficult to damage. Waterproof generally means the product is fully resistant to water to any degree. 

Cowboy boots are sensitive to water. If they can handle water to any degree, they can survive forever, right? Yes, but to an extent. Waterproof boots with good quality material also have a water protective layer on them. Periodically the coating starts to vanish away. The protective surface is needed to be taken care of and sometimes restored.

2. Water-Resistant:

 Water-resistant cowboy boots are the most purchased kind. These cowboy boots have a good hold against water while being more affordable. These boots can last you for more than a decade if you are very cautious with them and take good care. 

Water-resistant means that they are resistant to water but only up to a certain extent. If you work heavily around bodies of water or your workplace or profession consists of handling water, these boots are not for you. You should probably spend a little extra on a waterproof version. Water-resistant footwear exists utilized too. However, after using their limited strength, they require immediate medical attention. They must be washed, dried, and not reused the next day. Also, do not forget to apply strength products on them. These steps will secure longevity.

3. Fashion Purposes:

These cowboy boots are not the working kinds. They get worn for fashion purposes. You can easily find these kinds of boots at any shoe store. You do not need to visit western boots shop to find western boots.

These boots are not for you to wear and work in harsh environments. But this does not mean that these boots are fragile. These boots can be of exceptional quality materials yet, still do not harbor the quality of water resistance or waterproofing. They can be deteriorated and have terrible peelings and cracks. So be careful with them! Only wear them out if you are sure they would not get in contact with any moisture. 

Products to Waterproof Cowboy Boots:

Whether it is the rainy or outdoor activity takes place, your boots will confront the water. It is crucial for a cowboy boot owner to waterproof their boots. Waterproofing your shoes will help you to ensure a long life for your shoes. The waterproofing process will make the water slide off instead of seeping into the material. 

There are many ways to waterproof your boots. Waterproof them at your home with easily accessible products.

Closeup of shoe brush and polish

1. Petroleum Jelly:

 Petroleum jelly, widely called Vaseline, is substantial for making your boots waterproof temporarily. Petroleum jelly is the cheapest way to waterproof it since almost everyone has it in their home. Petroleum jelly does not absorb water. Water floats in the shape of bubbles on top of the jelly. When petroleum jelly is wet, it does not stop the water from entering the boots. Petroleum jelly should be dried for it to act as a thick seal for the shoes. Petroleum jelly is so thick that it behaves as an additional layer of material for the boot. 

Petroleum jelly is free of silicon which makes it safe for suede shoes. It has soft paraffin that softens the boots to save them from cracks and peelings from being dried out. So your shoes will not only be waterproof but also conditioned.

2. Waterproofing Spray:

 You can find waterproof spray from a shoe shop or off of the internet. The spray makes the process super quick and easy. All you have to do is spray the product on the shoe. Once it is dried up, you are ready to go with your newly waterproofed boots. This product is so easy and clear to use that you can use it in any category of footwear.

Make sure to invest in silicon-free spray if you are planning to use the product of suede boots. It will help repel water, but you need to re-spray after some time if you are out in heavy rain or your riding boots are in the water for a long time. The layer of spray gets weakened by prolonging activity in water. 

Avoid touching your boots right after spraying them. Let them dry completely before wearing them.

3. Oils:

We all know oil and water do not mix. Oil is one of the top resistors to water. Oil does not let water break its barriers, proving to be helpful for waterproofing cowboy boots. However, you can not just apply any oil to your shoes. Some oils can change up the color of your shows and make them darker. Some companies also sell oils specific to material, like leather oil. Specific oils are a great choice but expensive too. The most used oil is mink oil. 

Mink oil is made up of minks fatty acids, making it very thick. It takes time to absorb in the boots because of the thickness. But it is worth it. It makes the materials more flexible, soft and protected. 

4. Wax:

Beeswax is the best out of any wax for waterproofing. However, if you are out of beeswax or are just in a hurry and can not get your hands on the product, use candles! If you have a couple of candles around your house, melt them until they transform into wax. Assure they are color-less candles because the colored candles can bring a strange cast of color on the boots. 

Just take a cloth, dip it in the wax and rub it in the boots. Wait until dry!

Process of Waterproofing:

Waterproofing is necessary for securing your boots, whether they are waterproof or not. You do not need to take your shoes to a professional to get them waterproofed. Waterproofing can ordinarily assure at home with just

a few easy steps: 

  • Make sure that your boots are clean. Take a damp cloth and wipe your shoes down. Dry off any moisture with an absorbent paper or towel.
  • Heat your boot (do not burn!) With a hairdryer or a heat gun. Heat gun performs better since it heats things quickly. The hairdryer takes time as the boot is needed to be repeatedly heated. The hair dryer does not produce as much heat as a heat gun.
  • Apply the product of choice with a cloth or a brush. Again use your heating tool to make products get absorbed by the boots fast.
  • Let the boots dry. When they are dry, get rid of the access product. 
  • Test your boots. If the water beads off, you are all set!

Bottom Line

Cowboy boots are susceptible to water damage. Even though your shoes are waterproof, they must be cared for and waterproofed regularly. Your purchase will last a long time if you take good care of it.