Best Ways To Eliminate Obesity by 2050

With many people spending the last year at home and less active than ever, there has been plenty of talk about rising numbers on the scale and expanding waistlines. Although this isn’t the only reason, it will have been a contributing factor towards The European Union declaring a climate emergency. As such, they have pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050 in a bid to help the planet in the long run.

The Food Issue

According to recent data released by Betway Casino worldwide obesity nearly tripled since 1975, the World Health Organisation is on the case of helping this generation to eat better and move more. It isn’t just about the health of the population but also to reduce the number of global greenhouse gas emissions, which is on the increase due to the amount of meat and dairy we’re now consuming.

One thing they would like to do is improve the education of the general public and ensure that the diet we are consuming is both delicious and nutritious but also made in a much more carbon-neutral


A Healthy Generation by 2050

One of the aims is that by 2050, as a nation we’ll be eating much less meat and much more likes fruit, vegetables and whole grains. However, it is thought that the types of plants we eat won’t look anything like they do now. We have already seen a massive increase in the range of vegan and vegetarian options over recent years – with a range of ‘fake’ meat products already on offer. With evolving technology, it is thought that this trend will continue and that the meat replacement products we have on offer will only continue to expand and improve

Eliminating Obesity

Although the main goal is for the food industry to have a much smaller dent on the number of greenhouse gas emissions we have as a planet, tackling obesity is definitely on the cards too. One of the best ways to do this is going to be with education – letting people know the pros and cons of the food they are using to fuel their bodies.

Education around preparing food is also needed. We live in a world where many live with next to nothing for a food budget and as such, reaching for cheap & easy to prepare foods is often the only choice a family feels they have. By educating them around this and what can be made into a healthy dinner without too much effort is a great way to help move forward. Initiatives like Meat Free Monday can help with this alongside encouraging us to eat less meat which is something that they’re keen for us to do.

Ultimately, eating habits around the globe need to change if we’re going to tackle obesity and the amount of meat that we consume. This won’t be an easy task and is certainly something that should be approached from more than one angle, however with 2050 in their sights they have 30 years to make it happen, so let’s see what the future holds!