Best 5 Ways To Increase Quality Engagement On Instagram

In today’s time, with the significant popularity of social media, myriads of businesses organizations are leveraging the popular social media platforms for marketing and sales purposes. The visual-centric social networking application, which commenced its journey as an image posting app, has now evolved into one of the pivotal business marketing platforms.

Instagram currently boasts the second-highest number of active users (1 billion), and Facebook precedes it. Over 25 million brands across the world have a business account on Instagram. And do you know why? Because of the substantial volume of engagement. Per day, users worldwide share more than 95 million of images and videos on Instagram, and all these visual content receive a staggering number of likes, shares and comments.

Several business organizations buy Instagram likes because by now they have acquired the knowledge that more is the engagement rate, more will be sales generation. So, if you are all geared up to create an account for your start-up firm on Instagram, read on the following to gain comprehensive information about the top ways to boost engagement.

Post On A Daily Basis

Once you create a business account on Instagram, posting a business-relevant image or video content on a regular basis is imperative. You have to stay committed to uploading informative and as well as interesting content daily to ensure that you start driving followers and improving engagement rate. You will receive positive results for your Instagram marketing efforts very soon if you consider posting between two and ten times every day.

Use Instagram Story

Instagram story is the latest addition to this popular social platform. You can make reasonable use of the astounding features such as polls, emoji slider, quiz and question stickers. Also, leveraging re-shares and mentions can help a start-up brand to boost engagement significantly in quick time. You will be able to know about the likes and dislikes of your followers who are eventually your existing or potential customers.

Tell Stories To Evoke Emotion

Remember that your target audiences will become your customers only when you start posting images and videos that are authentic, relatable, speak more than a thousand words and triggers emotion. Use nice and enticing caption every time you post any (image or video) content and as well as leverage the description section wisely to share the story behind the content with your followers.

Use Hashtags To Get Found

You will be able to drive quality engagement on all your posts on Instagram only if you do not underestimate the power of hashtags. Using business products and services relevant hashtags while posting your content can get your brand in front of your target audiences on Instagram right away and drive a massive number of likes, shares and comments.

If you follow all the recommended and effective strategies diligently that are mentioned above, in a short period, you will be able to boost the engagement rate on all your posts. With higher engagements, the number of followers of your brand on Instagram will also increase steadily. The more you focus on improving your brand visibility on Instagram and connect your potential customers by posting captivating content, the better you will be able to generate sales effectively.