An Ultimate Guide To 80% Lower Jigs

An 80% lowers part is a dream for gun enthusiasts. It allows you to build a custom AR series license according to your style and personal use. However, manipulating an 80% lowers part to attach rifle parts is tricky. An 80 lower part comes as a blank receiver, so you need precision drilling to attach a trigger, selector, and hammer pin. However, if you are experimenting with making an AR rifle with different parts, use an 80% lower jig. An 80% lower jig is a sophisticated mechanical template that make it easy and fast to build your own gun. Following is a comprehensive guide on 80% lower jigs.

What are 80% Lower Jigs?

So you purchased an 80 lower part but didn’t know or have the tools to make it a firearm. 80% lower jig is a blueprint of where and how to drill a hole to attach rifle parts. It has precision readings regarding spaces and sizes that convert 80 lower parts into a firearm. A complete 80% lower jig kit also comes with drill bits, bolts, end-mill bits, plastic, and metal plates, making it easier for the builders to construct AR-15 rifles and handguns.

Types of 80% Lower Jigs:

There are only two types of firearms that you can make from 80 lower parts; rifles and handguns. Therefore, all 80% lower jigs are made for these two types. Following are the specifications of both types;

1. AR rifle jigs:

You can build three AR rifles from an 80 lower part; AR-15, 9, and 10. The 80% lower jig template is the same for all types except for a few minor details. However, the process of cutting, milling, and drilling is the same for all types. Following are the templates you get with AR rifle jig;

  1. Slide clamps: It attaches to both sides of the 80 lower part and has holes for the rifle’s drilling trigger, hammer, and safety parts. 
  2. Pilot hole: This template is used to drill the pilot hole, which removes aluminum, making space for cutting bit.
  3. Cutting and milling: These templates are useful for precision cutting since it has all the measurements. They also provide a guide for cutting trigger slots.
  4. Drill bits and end mill bits: The drill bits are according to the diameter of pinholes and end-mill ones according to the pilot holes. 

2. Pistol Jigs

Pistol jigs are simple and have the same templates as an AR rifle one. However, pistol jigs do vary according to the model and type of the gun. The side clamps are used to hold the frame of the 80 lowers, while the cutting template is used for accurate drilling. These kits also come with drill bits according to the size of the templates. Pistol jigs are easy to use and simple to understand instead of an AR-15 one. 

80% lower jigs provide efficiency and accuracy, which is difficult to achieve if you are not a professional gunsmith. Try a polymer 80% lower jig if it’s your first time for maximum satisfaction and ease of use.