A Look at Why There’s been an Increase in the Usage of Android Gambling Apps

The gambling industry is so huge that it generates billions of dollars, and past centuries have witnessed a lot of gambling enthusiasts across the globe. While many other sectors have waned and withered away, the gambling sector has remained relevant for many decades and milieus.

Because the industry does not resist change, it has grown and developed with time. Even the much touted ‘millennium bug’ did not deter gambling experts from throwing money into amazing gambling websites.

This led to a massive increase in the popularity of online casinos and other sites, such as CSGOBettor, as it garnered more players. However, there is a decline in the popularity of online casinos. Even the ones that held sway a few years ago have been abandoned by many players, as they embrace gambling on mobile devices.

This article is to explain why there is a massive surge in the use of android gambling apps against traditional browser based gambling, and what it would look like in the future.

Why Apps Are Better Than Browser


Because of the huge number of games available in online casinos, just as it is in the brick and mortar casinos, selection of the games to enjoy becomes a problem for players. Many people are normally overwhelmed by the number available. Lots of slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and many other games are offered to players once they log into the casinos. This could be annoying, and increases the time it takes a player to log in, find what they are looking for and start playing. But with mobile apps, players can set what they prefer to see when they log in. Also, by tracking the players’ usage; the site understands their preferences and delivers a more personalized experience to them, suggesting the games they prefer when they are on. With geo monitoring, apps can even suggest location based content to you.


Many sites copied Facebook’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) in 2015. With this, many of them came up with a feature that makes links to load faster in mobile than in any website. With this, links posted on these casino sites will load faster on smartphones than on the desktops or laptops. Now, this is what every mobile casino site uses today and it affords apps the chance to load faster. Even before this, the number of files that people normally have on their computers will definitely make them load slower than the smartphones. In mobile, this feature will reduce excess information on links, leaving only the absolutely necessary, and this makes links to load with the speed of light on apps.

Everything in the Same Place

Previously, accessing different functions in a website would have meant that the user opens separate tabs to achieve them. In websites, the banking sector is normally in a different tab, but with mobile, everything can be accessed from the central page. In most of the mobile gambling apps, the Google pay features will allow you complete payments and withdrawals with a single tap. There won’t be the need to navigate to a separate page for this and it makes things easier. This is the same with accessing games. From the homepage of mobiles, you can get to even different variants of games with a click.

The Future of Mobile Gambling

The revenue on online gambling in most countries represent a third of the entire money made through gambling. This shows that a lot is still happening at the brick and mortar casino houses.  So, what is it that makes the land based casinos so thick, asks online casino enthusiasts. This has a very direct answer, and that is the total and realistic feel or experience delivered by the land based casinos, which is nonexistent in the online casinos. People want to enjoy that intrigue, drama and ambience physically. But online casinos have been trying to replicate this through the use of live dealer games where real croupiers are viewed by the players in a live situation as they deal with the games, and where they see and play against other players through live streaming. But this is not enough. More needs to be done and many online casinos enthusiasts are already on it with the huge amounts of money invested in developing virtual reality casinos.

Is VR the Next Big Thing in Mobile Gaming?

Technologies cannot be predicted before they make their hit, but everything points to the Virtual Reality casinos as the next big step in online casino innovation. This could be the technology that bridges the gap between the land based casinos and online casinos. It may effectively position the online casinos at the forefront of casino gaming.