Top Battery-Powered kitchen Gadgets You should have for power outage

eTop Battery Powered kitchen Gadgets You should have for power outage

Power outages can be annoying, especially when you are having your weekly family dinner, and everyone is anxiously waiting for a delicious meal. Most of the gadgets in the kitchen use electricity. From blenders, cookers, juicers, mixers, microwave to refrigerators, the absence of electricity can be a source of pain in the … Read more

Home Cooking Tips during a Power Outage

When you heard through the news that a storm is coming, you have to get prepared or a power outage. Well, you’ll never know for sure when will power be out as natural disasters may come unexpectedly, but if there are reports, it doesn’t hurt to get well-prepared. Before you brave the … Read more

Keeping Children Occupied After a Power Outage

When the power goes out during a storm, hurricane, or for any other reasons, parents have an additional dilemma on their hands. We usually discourage the use of screens to babysit kids in any case, but what happens when there’s simply no power for all your usual activities? It’s also important to … Read more

Surviving Without Power for a Week

how to live without power for a week

It can be overwhelming to be a new prepper, with the plethora of information that is available. Some of it talks about a supply of food for a year, hand tools for anything one might desire to do, and a hideaway in the woods where there is plenty of forage available. However, … Read more

Solar Powered Survival Items

Solar Powered Survival Items

Electricity is often taken for granted in the world today, but it is a fact that it could be disrupted at any moment for an extended length of time. This could be caused by natural disasters, civil unrest, EMP, or any number of situations. Emergency power may not seem like something that … Read more

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate When the Power Comes Back Online

black internet router

There are times when power outages occur due to different reasons, such as maintenance, accidents, and extreme weather conditions. There are power outages that occur for a few hours, and others can last for days or even weeks, especially if the power lines are damaged by storms. It’s difficult when there is … Read more

Coping Without Power


Electricity is often taken for granted in most areas of the United States (and in many other countries, as well). It is so ingrained in everyday life that living without it is unimaginable for most. With electric stoves and ovens, electric water heaters, electric lights, electric heat and air conditioning, electric washing … Read more

Staying Warm Without Power

Staying Warm Without Power

When power is out and the air is cold – whether it is due to winter or whether due to the general climate of the area – it can be a challenge to stay warm.  Even in the summer, some areas get cool enough at night that some sort of heat can … Read more

How to Deal with Sanitation if the Power is Out

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Maintaining hygiene and sanitation is an essential part of ensuring that you and your family survive in an emergency situation. Sickness and diseases can arise if you failed to keep your home clean and hygienic. And also, keeping the surroundings clean is important not just for disease control but also for keeping … Read more

Guide to Emergency Lanterns for When the Power is Out

Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern

During these times of disaster, you have to be prepared about anything that may go your way. Being ready for a sudden power outage is one of them. And during a power outage, emergency lighting is a must. You need an emergency light so your life can go on as usual. The … Read more