Top Battery-Powered kitchen Gadgets You should have for power outage

eTop Battery Powered kitchen Gadgets You should have for power outage

Power outages can be annoying, especially when you are having your weekly family dinner, and everyone is anxiously waiting for a delicious meal. Most of the gadgets in the kitchen use electricity. From blenders, cookers, juicers, mixers, microwave to refrigerators, the absence of electricity can be a source of pain in the … Read more

Home Cooking Tips during a Power Outage

When you heard through the news that a storm is coming, you have to get prepared or a power outage. Well, you’ll never know for sure when will power be out as natural disasters may come unexpectedly, but if there are reports, it doesn’t hurt to get well-prepared. Before you brave the … Read more

Ways to Stay Entertained When the Power Is Out

One of the worst days that many people experience at least once a year is a day when the power at home is out. Whenever the power is out, it means that there is no electricity that can give power to computers, gadgets, television sets, and other pieces of technology that keep … Read more

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate When the Power Comes Back Online

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There are times when power outages occur due to different reasons, such as maintenance, accidents, and extreme weather conditions. There are power outages that occur for a few hours, and others can last for days or even weeks, especially if the power lines are damaged by storms. It’s difficult when there is … Read more

Things You Realize When the Power Is Out

Electricity is one of the many discoveries that have shaped people’s way of living. For most of us, it is nearly impossible to live without electricity because it helps us cook our foods, give us light, and power our appliances. Well, most people, when they think of the electricity going out, the … Read more

How to Survive in the City Without Power

Living without electricity is not as easy as you think it is, especially when the majority of your household items depend on it to function. There are lots of technologies managed by electricity that provide us with important things, including heat, water, food, transportation, energy, communication, and as well as entertainment.Without power, … Read more

Best Solar Power Sources for Preppers, Disaster Planning and Camping

Alternative power sources are an essential part of any doomsday prepper’s inventory and very useful when the power grid is down. Solar powered gadgets offer better portability and help prepare for emergency situations. While such gadgets might not be the least expensive option due to extra circuitry and solar cells, they are … Read more

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Emergency Candles

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According to research, the average American consumer will experience at least two power outages per year, and these power outages will last at least 200 minutes. You’re probably thinking, a 200 minutes power outage doesn’t seem that long, but always remember, that is just an average calculation. Some power outages can go … Read more

How to Use a Flashlight in Your Home

How to Use a Flashlight in Your Home

Do you have a flashlight in your home? Do you know how to use it? You might be surprised by some of the things that can happen if you are not using your flashlight properly. I wanted to share with you some tips on what to do when there’s no power and … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Using Candles for Survival

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A candle is a flammable wick embedded in wax or other flammable solid substance like a tallow. It provides light and scent in some cases. A candle can also be used as a method of keeping time and providing heat. A person who makes candles is known as a chandler. Since then, … Read more