9 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Next Move

Moving is daunting, stressful, time-consuming, and most importantly expensive. Hiring professional movers for an interstate relocation will surely cause you a few thousand dollars.

Also, you have to spend on boxes for packing and other necessarily moving supplies can be appalling. 

To avoid all these, we shall look into 9 ways to cut costs on your next move. By the way, see here to get two men and a moving truck for your next move.

Get Many Free Box As Possible

One thing you should know is that moving boxes are not cheap and as such before packing, you should seek as many free as possible, this way you will cut more on cost. 

It is very easy to get free boxes, you can get some from your local liquor stores, grocery stores, offices and recycling drop-off point, schools, and even from your friends and neighbors. Also, you can get free moving boxes online from Craigslist, Freecycle, Nextdoor.com, U-Haul Exchange, and local Facebook groups. 

Move Only What You Need 

This may sound cheesy but it is the fact. The more item you have the greater your moving cost. Move only what you need, donate, toss or sell items you don’t want. Constrain yourself to only the essentials. Selling your heavy furniture to get a new cheap one in your new location is the best way to go and you will notice you will be saving more bucks on your moving cost. 

Start Early 

You will realize that the earlier your start, the more time to get your things together. Free boxes, selling unneeded items, and getting rid of belonging that you don’t need to move. Many unexpected expenses that have more effects on moving costs come from last-minute purchases. 

Get Your Packing Supplies Handy 

Buy packing supplies like tape, mattress bag, packing paper before the packing day and can be gotten cheaply on Amazon. While your moving boxes can be gotten cheaply from your local liquor store or grocery stores around you. But make sure you get solid and sturdy boxes that will hold your belonging securely. 

Pack Yourself

Packing yourself is one of the surest ways to cut costs on your next move. Though the moving company may offer their packing package, it will save you money if you pack yourself. 

More so, the more ready you are the least time you will waste on your moving day. Though if anything spoils in any of the boxes, the moving company will not be liable for any damages. So pack your things well and properly. 

Seek Help From Family and Friends

Moving requires lots of work, be it when you are packing or moving. Your family and friends can help you do some tasks which you might want to relegate to the professionals. 

There is no sense in actually hiring professionals for activities that anybody can do. Just ensure things are done diligently and in the right way. 

Compare Quotes From Different Moving Company 

Not all moving companies will quote your job at the same price. While comparing the quotes also check for their reputations online.  This will prepare you for what to expect from the mover on the D-day. 

Also, consider their hourly rates and when it will take them to move your belongings (the time to get the job done). 

Move During The Weekdays or The Off-Season 

There is a busy time for moving companies during the year. Precisely between May and August and the movers will always increase their rates during this time. 

Also, weekends are when most people need the service of moving companies. You can as well as the moving company if there is a discount for a particular day of the week. 

Use Relative As Your Babysitter 

You wouldn’t want your kids and pets getting into the way on a moving day. Also, it would be akin to wastage seeking professional babysitters or taking your pets to pets hotels when any of your friends or family member can do the job for you.