6 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Wedding day without flowers is hard to imagine. Fresh fragrant flowers decorated nicely are the one of the most beautiful part to look at on a wedding. They form the standout elements on your special day giving all the elegance, the fragrance and also the colour. There are a variety of flowers you can choose from for decoration or for the bouquets on your wedding day.

If you already have your favourite wedding flowers on your mind then the budget, the colour, and the style will automatically come into display when you are doing the floral selection. Choosing the wedding flower that matches your wedding theme and is most popular on your wedding season can reduce your stress to a great extent. It will take you less time choosing the seasonal flowers that is cheaper for your wedding day.

Here is a list of the most popular flowers that many of you choose for your wedding day. From timeless rose to modern calla lily, these never go out of style.

  • Ranunculus – This flower is very popular for wedding day decorations. It is most ideal for seasons such as spring and summer. This flower is budget friendly and it comes in a lot of variety and colours too. Choosing this flower in a pop of pink or sunset orange will look absolutely amazing. This flower has closely formed petals. This gives it a stunning look. You can pair it with roses or succulents.
  • Peony – This flower is also perfect for your wedding and that too, if it is on spring or summer. The fragrant and lust look of peonies gives a romantic look to your wedding decoration. Peonies with its big and delicate petals work great if you pair it in a bouquet with other flowers or eucalyptus. Peonies come in pink, white or red and even in shades of coral, mahogany and yellow.
  • Rose- Classic red roses are perhaps very popular for wedding decorations and bouquets. Roses are a symbol of purity and love. They are traditional but there are certain unique ways of assembling a bouquet of roses. There are a variety of roses, different colours and types which is available all the year round and thus roses are ideal for you, your wedding season or even theme.
  • Hydrangea- These flowers are voluminous and blooms full. So you can add one or two of them in your wedding bouquet. Since these flowers look like a bearing heart, it symbolizes perseverance and emotion. It comes in pale pink or white usually.
  • Gardenia- These flowers are known to represent elegance and grace. These are ideal for weddings in the summer. They have no stem and thus it looks beautiful when it floats in a bowl along with the floating candles placed inside it.
  • Calla lily- These are sleek and modern looking. These give a dramatic look when placed in a vase on your wedding reception day. It is creamy ivory in colour and looks great for summer weddings in the garden.