6 Healthy Takeaway Food Options You Should Definitely Try

Takeaway food may not always be unhealthy, unlike common belief. Not all quick takeaway food is junk or equivalent to fast food. Healthy options like salads are also quick to put together, similar to the process of making a burger. Getting along with takeaway foods means you can tremendously reduce the time that gets wasted. Alongside this, you can keep yourself fit with the help of a curated list of healthy food options that are ready to go. This article talks about six options you should definitely check out before you judge out healthy food from takeaway options.


Salads have to top the list of healthy food available for takeaway. It might be clumsy in some cases to consume the salad, but in most cases, it is easy to eat and very healthy for the mind and body. It is an ideal food item for both snacking and meal purposes.

Depending upon which salad you like more or what dressing you use, the calorie count is calculated. It is thus very flexible for you to choose which suits you the best and how much you want to consume.

Steamed Dumplings

One of the least popular items that are quite healthy to assume is dumplings. They are healthy when consumed in the steamed form and are quite filling. Dumplings’ covers also determine what calorie count is being consumed- whether it’s made of wheat or cornflour.

The key is to keep takeaway food warm so that the freshness remains intact. If you buy dumplings, it shouldn’t get cold on the way lest you like stretchy outer covering and cold steamed vegetables. It is crucial to keep it warm.


One of the most known ways to keep healthy consumption is to eat sandwiches. Again, quite flexible with the ingredients that go in the making, sandwiches are a great option to go with when opting for takeaway food. You can modify these based on your preference as sandwiches are available in numerous varieties. Make sure you are keeping yourself focused on natural ingredients when it comes to getting your own sandwich cooked.

One can choose everything from what kind of bread goes into making to what are the sauces used, which helps keep the calorie count intact and still allows our taste buds a little freedom to wander and choose a balance between the two. You can also go for selected restaurants that offer customized sandwich options based on your diet preferences. This will allow you to get along with a healthy diet without having to miss out on the taste front.

Baked Beans

Even though this one might sound unflattering, it is one of the healthiest options when it comes to food. Baked beans are filling and are not dry so as to make you need something along to drink with.

They are quite easy to eat as takeaway food since they are not something that needs a proper table or too much cutlery. It is obviously quite healthy since beans are a vegetable, so it seems like a fair bargain to your body to consume baked beans.


From Mexican cuisine, this is one of the healthiest options for consumption. It is an easy takeaway food because of the ease of holding it like a wrap or burrito. It’s really something easy to nibble on and helps the healthy kept in check.

The outer covering should preferably be corn tortilla and the inner filling, grilled. It should be healthy as well. You can put the greens more and avoid potatoes or deep-fried non-vegetarian to bring down the calorie count.