6 Best Tactical Timepieces You Should Consider in 2021

Soldiers, hiking devotees, first responders, and members of law enforcement often discover themselves in circumstances where terrain, altitude, weather, darkness, and other factors could compromise the processes of an ideal timepiece. Because of this, they need something stronger and more abundant in features – they much need a tactical watch.

What to Look for in a Tactical Timepiece


For precise timekeeping from day until night, go for a quartz movement. When compared to a mechanical movement, they are more accurate, can resist impact and shock better, and not vulnerable to instabilities in temperature.

Compass/ GPS

Timepieces with a built-in GPS or compass technology are definitely lifesavers. Whether you’re getting on a mission in the wild, going on a serious rescue mission, or sailing the ocean, telling your location is essential to success.


Yes, every one of us wants our watches to be robust and sturdy. However, we don’t want one that drags us down – especially our poise. The perfect tactical watch should be both comfortable and lightweight.

Tactical Watches You Should Have

While we all love a classic timepiece, we must also ponder about adding a tactical watch to our collection. Why? Because of their unparalleled durability, features, and rugged aesthetic.

No worries; tactical or military-style watches aren’t merely for the serious-dressed officers at the Air Force or Navy. It’s also perfect for adrenaline junkies. They may be out of your standard budget, but these watches’ durability and function blended with their fashionable styles will make up for it.

1. Suunto X-Lander Military Watch

The X-Lander Military watch from Suunto offers an amazingly precise altimeter, an accurate electronic compass, and a complete barometer. The design is classic and straightforward, which is true to the legacy of its brand and ideal for the people who only want something dependable and minimal.

2. Nixon Regulus Watch

This tactical watch from Nixon is equipped for any hurdle we put in front of it. Regulus watch has a pronounced cooling strap with a protective lock up strap for both security and comfort, as well as the dual chronograph feature.

If you’re wanting to keep on being quiet in the area, this tactical timepiece has a silent mode accompanied by an adaptable taillight to guarantee success in clandestine operations.

3. Garmin Tactix Charlie

The Tactix Charlie watch from one of the best watch brands is another stylish GPS watch, which is excellent for tactical aficionados. It displays the coordinates of your present location and strengthens navigation by giving you with routes to waypoints or along pre-arranged routes.

The timepiece also maintains tactical mode, which entails that it displays your map, coordinates, and other significant information that might come in handy while hunting or making the rounds.

4. Casio Illuminator Collection Black Resin Strap Digital

If you’re not ready to spend so much in your next timepiece, this timeless digital watch with dependable date and time display is one of the best values of its kind on and most affordable in the market today.

With features like hourly signals, stopwatch, and daily alarms, you can always be ready for every occasion without hurting your wallet.

5. Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel

For the person who needs a timepiece that continues to be dependable and holds up robust, this stainless steel from Citizen is an ideal balance of strength and comfort. Citizen’s Eco-Drive feature lets this watch recharge automatically off any light source. You don’t need to be anxious about its life; the battery will accurately run forever.

On its dial, you’ll see tritium gas tubes that shine forever. These make it effortless and straightforward to know the time, whatever the lighting circumstances are.

6. Luminox Recon Point Man

If you’re into minimalist timepieces, then this Recon Point Man from Luminox is not for you. The bezel and dial showcase numerous sets of patterns, each with their particular distinctive functionality.

This isn’t a watch for simplicity; it is about functionality, and Luminox has packed every bit of functions into this robust tactical watch.


In most instances, time requires to be accounted for as precisely as possible, particularly when a discrepancy of simple seconds can bring disastrous results.

When it comes to timepieces, a military or tactical watch can provide that unfailing precision you need, whether you’re meeting a deadline or you’re on a critical mission. With the `, not only do you get hold of exceptional performance, but you also have a stylish aesthetic that matches the rest of your functional necessities.