5 Wall Features To Grace Your Walls

Beauty never ends. The more you invest into it positively, the better it gets. Right? So, suppose
you’re looking to take the look of your space to a completely new level, these 5 wall features
shared here are probably what you’re looking for. On the side, you may want to contact this
highly-skilled and professional commercial painter for all your
painting solutions. Still here? Let’s jump right in.

Vertical Wood Wall Panels

For all ye rustic life lovers, this is for you. Adding vertical wood panels to your walls may not
sound very great at first. You only get to love it if you can paint those finely fixed panels of
woods on your wall. Not only are they a great way to protect your wall from early degradation
but woods also control the room temperature, making you warm in winter and feeling refreshed
in summer.


Wallpapers come in various designs. From geometries to crazy arts and everything in-between.
And the great thing about them is that wallpapers are a cost-effective way to speak your lifestyle
into your space. Depending on your painter, you can always get a unique wallpaper design that
is timeless and beautiful. Nowadays, it is also common to install a Ventilated Facade so that your home will not absorb too much heat.

Chalkboard Featured Wall

This is especially for the kids’ rooms or for the kitchen walls. While not everybody likes the
moody feel of black color, it holds the inevitable smoke stains in the kitchen pretty well and the
stains from your kids during room plays. The idea is all about painting a wall black out of the
four walls and making white designs in form of writings or doodles on it.

Contact Paper Feature Wall

Talk about transforming an old wall into a modern relic. This walling idea lits your room like no
man’s business. The idea revolves around creating new patterns on a painted wall using contact
paper. Just cut out the shape or shapes you want from a contact paper and use it to apply
shaped paintings carefully to flesh out new beauties.

Ceiling Tiles Transformation

If you have a pack of ceiling tiles left over from your home construction, this may be a great way
to put it to good use and avoid wastage. Paint those tiles in coordinated patterns and paste
them on your wall systematically. This should be done by a technician but if you are equipped
and an art nerd, you can always get at it yourself.