5 Survival Myths That Could Hurt You

While growing up, there are myths that you come across each day. Some of them are true, while others are lies. Some of them show you how you can survive when you come across a calamity. Yeah, no matter how factual they look like, it is not best of you to do them because you will end up hurting yourself.

With the availability of such information on the internet, you may think it is true. You will come to understand that those who write such info are after generating income once you read their pieces. Know you have a clue that survival myths are nothing but a lie.

In this article, you will learn about five survival myths that when you practice them, you could hurt yourself.

Light Fire with Two Sticks

Our ancestors came up with a way to light a fire using two sticks. No one was there to actualize this phenomenon. However, as you were growing, you have heard that when in a jungle or island all by yourself, you can use two sticks to light fire. That is not true.

Therefore, when you are going for your backpacking trip or hike, ensure that you carry at least three fire starters like:

  • A Matchbox
  • Lighter
  • Spark-rod

With these, you will be able to light a fire when you are in a jungle, island, or during a hike. Thus, don’t believe in such a myth because you may suffer.

Drink Water Downstream

Water is life, and without it, you won’t survive if you drink water for days. However, it not advisable to drink water from anywhere. You need to drink clean, treated, and boiled water. While you were growing up, you were told that it is safe to drink water downstream. Don’t try that because people upstream are using the water and contaminating it.

Thus, it is not secure to drink water downstream. When thirsty, ensure you treat or boil the water you drink. By doing so, you will be able to avoid being sick.

Bitten by a Snake? Suck the Venom

Have you heard about this myth that when bitten by a snake, you should suck the venom out? That is not the right way thing to do. Use of sucking gadgets or your mouth to remove the venom from the place you were bitten; it is not the right decision.

When a snake bites you first wash the wound and cover it. Then run to the nearby medical facility. Don’t assume that once you suck the venom out, it is all done. Ensure that you go to the hospital to receive immediate medical attention.

Additionally, the sucking devices destroy your body tissues. Therefore, when you go for your vacation, more, mainly arid areas. Don’t walk or touch things which or where you cannot see, respectively.

Act Dead or Run When You Meet a Bear

One of the weirdest myths you have ever heard is about acting or running when you encounter a bear. Yeah, that seems like the only solution you will have at that time. Nonetheless, don’t try to do any of them. You won’t get anywhere. Even for the fastest man on earth when running with a bear, he won’t go anywhere.

Furthermore, don’t act dead when you see a bear. Being an intelligent animal, it will sense that you have some hidden agenda to harm it. So, whenever you come across a bear, walk back slowly, maintaining eye contact. That shows the bear you have no intention of hurting it. So, don’t follow the above myth about bears.

Find Food When You are Lost

When you get lost between a jungle, don’t go looking for food. That will be the wrong decision. You can survive for more than forty days without food. The first thing you need to look for is a source of water and constructing a shelter.

Locating a source of food before a water source and shelter is a dangerous survival myth. So, when you are lost, prioritize constructing a shelter and finding a water source than food.


While growing up, the above myths are usually shared. Maybe you heard them when you had already grown. So, don’t try to practice the above survival myths as you may hurt yourself. Thank you for reading this article to the end. Please share it with friends and family.