4 Ways to Walk That Rival a Gym Workout

For many people, hitting the gym is the best way they know to work out. It enables them to alleviate stress and maintain a perfect physique. However, as an alternative to the fitness studio, walking can be a good way to exercise. Some of the notable benefits of walking to keep fit include:

  • It is cheap because you can do it anywhere
  • It helps to boost your mood
  • It does not require any special gear
  • It helps to shed excess weight
  • It keeps a person going and help to reach fitness goals
  • It gives exposure to nature, improving overall health

When you choose to go for a walk to work your body, you could adopt the following tips to make the exercise more productive. You can also check out fitbodybuzz.com for a complete guide to working out.

Include intervals in your walking

Most people like high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and if you also enjoy it, you will most likely enjoy walking intervals, too. Interval walks helps to raise the heart rate and achieve significant results in a shorter time. The beauty of raising your heart rate is that you torch more calories, helps you achieve a better physique, and enhances your endurance.

An excellent way to increase the intensity with your walks especially when you have a short time of just 20-30 minutes is to have intervals in your walk. In every four minutes of the walk, you can either quicken the pace by walking as fast as you can or jog moderately for a minute. Get back to your normal pace and repeat for the entire session of your workout. With such interval walks, and a good diet, you will realize better results. You can also visit Getanabol, one of the leading online steroid stores, to buy steroids to supplement your training and diet.

Perform hill walking

You can also up your walking game by hitting the hills. This is so simple because all you need to do is to speed walk up a hill and come down slowly, allowing you to catch a breath. You can do 8-10 intervals. The best thing with hill walking is that it raises your heart rate revving the body up for a serious calorie-burning session. It also helps to build strength in your glutes and quads.

Incorporate weights in your walk

You stand to gain from weight lifting by building muscles and making the bones stronger. On the other hand, walking bestows the same benefits. Combining the two results in a better workout. The way to walk with weights is to hold a pair of light dumbbells (two pounds) so you tone your shoulders and arms. You may also wear wrist weights. Another option is to wear a weighted vest as you walk to build your glutes and quad muscles and make your core more robust.

Circuit Train at the Local Park

While taking kids for a stroll in the local parks is a typical activity for most parents, the adults can take advantage of the walk to have more intense exercises. You could incorporate bodyweight exercises as you walk. Some bodyweight workouts include squats, burpees, pushups, or even step-ups on a bench. The circuit walk incorporating weights allow you to work the entire body, get a breath of fresh air and sunshine, and bond with your loved ones.


Walking is one of the best workouts because it is a low impact workout and allow those training to vary the intensity by walking briskly and using other ways. You can get more from walking by doing interval walking, hill walking, circuit training and incorporating wight to the walking